♠️ his hand: intriguing yet able ⚫️

his nose forms code inside you 🔳

you won't know how bizarrely it ends 🕳🕳

flash is off ◾️️

you enter history ◾️

the gamma is neon 🕳

behold the book 🕳

electromagnetics going BANG ◾️◾️

brief curious up inside of book it says


you're there looking it 10x right? ◾️◾️

follow the absence across ◾️◾️

the smaller part of yourself under a peculiar hairstyle ▪️▪️

on the inside the PURCHASE is you ◾️◾️

it says something different atop your light ◾️

you realize it's a woman in a horror room ◾️◾️

your visible realm 🕳

with your past study not quite framing it ◾️

braids on him, imagine ◾️◾️

all of it exists to contain light ◾️◾️

back to lowering book ◾️◾️

he who gained the Fractalism owns all the black light ◾️◾️

what of this energy ◾️

the students are there checking your SOURCE ◾️

at which point out looks Dr. Kauffman ◾️

Kauffman? oddly he is made smallest ◾️

ok Kaufmann right, read this? ◾️

read over my epiphany ◾️

truly it is HOLES ◾️

barely there ◾️

now distinguishable ◾️

the world closes ◾️

the other frowns ◾️

two fractals above who shaped them but grandparents? ◾️

holding pages his eyes sometimes tall become longer speaking lips ◾️

each of you jumped in his voice ◾️

the large harnessed consciousness ◾️

who really has you? ◾️

our squares ◾️️

the rays shade on ◾️◾️

big pictures form signs ◾️◾️

magnifying below you read “Dr. Spectrum” your vision is open ◾️◾️

explain your pictures ◾️◾️

the longer your soul emphasizes 🕳

it goes ultraviolet with your voice ◾️◾️

nothing is smaller than a room ◾️◾️

the waves are left in place ◾️◾️

going explaining no 🕳 not that 🕳

while the last spot picks you ◾️◾️

rays hold ◾️◾️

he exists most ◾️◾️

he and that accent ◾️◾️

nobody's book ◾️◾️

he's aware of having remarkable light ◾️

the side passes it unconsciously ◾️

thine energy is mean ◾️

until the lecture reaches you ◾️

so THIS is a Doctor ◾️

the arrow continues down ◾️

the hairstyle beneath his hat is a whole man 🕳

interrupt 🕳

what else?

his gaze switches ◾️◾️

its smaller light continues to drift ◾️◾️

power without index ◾️◾️

page one is the point of serenity ◾️◾️

you and he flash to that smaller project ◾️◾️

from here on out the Doctors start it all 🕳 🕳 🕳